About Us

Who Are We?

We are FinFloh, a global Invoice-to-Cash platform empowering Modern CFOs and B2B Finance teams to ensure timely receivables, mitigate credit risks, expedite dispute resolution, foster collaboration, and automate cash application seamlessly.

We help businesses take full control of their working capital and cash flows by automating their accounts receivable workflows.

Our Goal

Transform receivables into a collective responsibility for all business teams and position it as the biggest strategic lever for a firm's cash flows.

Where It All Started?

Our founders, Amartya Singh and Shivam Rawat, first crossed paths way back in 2017 during their time at Digiotech. Amartya, an IIM-B alumnus, brings with him over a decade of experience steering businesses across diverse sectors like PaymentTech, FinTech, Education, and Consulting, having contributed to renowned firms such as KPMG, Samsung, Cashfree, Digio, Uvik, and more. On the other hand, Shivam holds a bachelor's in CS from the University of Maryland and has worked on building and scaling tech across fintech startups like Mishipay, Digio, and Houzify.

After parting ways post their Digio stint, they always wanted to build a startup from scratch. It was when Amartya's last startup as a co-founder, Uvik Technologies, got acquired by Infibeam Avenues, their paths converged.

A lot has changed in the business world since 2020. One of the biggest changes has been the renewed, urgent focus on cashflows for businesses. With receivables being the most uncertain and unsolved problem for cashflows, they decided to solve for it.

After countless hours of brainstorming and conversations with many finance leaders and advisors, a clear path emerged and FinFloh was born.

From inception to ideation to demonstration to a live product with multiple customers across the world, it has been a wonderful journey. We are off to a great start with the customers acting as our guiding angels to make our product better. We believe that this is just the beginning of a promising venture that reshapes how businesses optimize and ace their receivables.

Join us as we build the future of finance!

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What does FinFloh do?

FinFloh is a global accounts receivables automation software that enables B2B finance teams to transform their accounts receivable process by collecting receivables faster, reducing DSO, closing disputes effortlessly, and minimizing bad debt. This makes the overall accounts receivable management seamless and enhances collections efficiency.

Collaborative communication is at the center of FinFloh's accounts receivable technology, bringing together finance, accounts receivable, sales, and customer support teams to help resolve issues and disputes efficiently, which ultimately leads to increased cash flow.