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Accounts Receivable Collections
Simplified with FinFloh

Multi Channel Automated Collection Workflows

Create multi-channel (Email/Whatsapp/SMS) collection reminder/followup workflows with customizable messaging and frequency based on customer’s past payment behavior

AI-Driven Prioritized Collector’s Worklist

Leverage the prioritized collections worklist dynamically generated by AI based on your customer's risk profile to help you tap on the right customers at the right time

Pre-Built Dunning Templates, Activity Tracking & Reports

Choose from proven dunning templates to craft own outreaches, track every customer interaction like promise-to-pays for maximum efficiency & leverage custom reporting.

Frequently asked questions

Frequently asked questions about FinFloh’s Accounts Receivable Collections Software

What makes FinFloh's accounts receivable collections software unique?

FinFloh's accounts receivable collections software stands out for its AI-driven automation, customizable workflows, and seamless integration with existing accounting systems. With FinFloh, businesses can streamline their collections process and improve cash flow efficiently.