Automated Cash Application Software

to Match Invoices with

Bank Statements

Match your invoices with payments & auto-update in ERP

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Experience Error-Free Cash Reconciliation with our Cash Application Software

ML Based OCR Engine with Multi Format Support

Utilize ML-based OCR to process diverse formats of bank statements and remittance advices from multiple sources including email bodies, attachments, and buyer portals

Minimize Manual Effort, Capture Audit Trails & Auto-Update ERP

Ensure real-time update of your invoice status (paid/partially paid) into your ERP with minimal manual intervention, while tracking audit trails with date & time stamps

Frequently asked questions

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Does FinFloh's cash application software post information back to ERP?

FinFloh's cash application software matches invoices with payments and posts the informaiton back to your ERP completing the entire invoice to cash process with complete accuracy.